All you need to make Autodesk® Revit Add-ins, the easy way

Welcome to my blog fellow developers. My name is Mohamed-Youssef Krafess and I am an architect who found the association of BIM and programming to be a captivating journey. And I truly believe that software offers limitless potential.

As an Autodesk Revit user, I quickly adopted Dynamo and Python scripting to automate the boring stuff at my work. Exploring the Revit API revealed endless automation possibilities, leading me to dive into C# and plug-in development.

I keep this blog to share my understanding of essential Revit API concepts. The resources you will find are meant to be clear, concise and presented in a visual way. These are actually the articles I wish I had found when I was learning at first, and I hope they will be of good value to you.

Beyond Revit-related subjects such as those of geometry or information management, we take an interest in some software design concepts. Architectural patterns or unit testing for example are crucial notions for creating better and maintainable software, enabling us to build more ambitious plug-ins.

Anyway, feel free to reach me out for feedback ; )

The author

 In this role, I collaborated with a talented team on diverse projects, involving both architectural and MEP coordination and design, including notable projects like Hotel Cheval Blanc – La Samaritaine in Paris.

Simultaneously, I taught myself programming and developed a set of automation tools for Ingitech, aimed at improving our work processes and enhancing efficiency. Progressively, I better understood how the Revit API works and improved my development approach to best adress our challenges at Ingitech.

My asset today is the combination of industry knowledge and development proficiency. I’m excited about various projects and use this blog to document my progress and discuss challenges.

Feel free to reach me out :